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Best Vital Skins

If you're looking for the Ultimate List of Free Vital Skins, then I've got you covered!

Since version 1.07 of Vital was released back in February 2021, users can alter the look of the synth's UI by installing custom skins. This was previously one of the most requested features within the Vital forums, so it's great to see the developer listening to user feedback.

Since the update, many budding UI designers within the Vital community and elsewhere have been busy developing all sorts of fantastic looking custom skins. However, with so much choice around, how do you sort the good from the bad?

Well, relax as I've done the hard work for you! In this article I've scoured the internet to bring you the very best Vital skins available today.

Make sure you also checkout the end of the article where I'll also show you how to create your very own custom skins for Vital.

Table of Contents

How to Install Vital Skins

Skins can be installed in Vital using the following simple steps:

  1. Firstly, ensure that you are using version 1.07 or later of Vital.

  2. Download your custom skin from the web and locate the downloaded .vitalskin file.

  3. Open Vital.

  4. Select Advanced and then Skin, followed by Load Custom Skin within the popup menu.

  5. Navigate to where you have saved the downloaded skin file and select it.

  6. Enjoy your new skin!

Note that skins can be loaded from anywhere on your computer, but it's much better to create a dedicated skins folder within your Vital user directory. This way Vital will recognise them and show them within the dropdown skin selector, allowing you to switch between skins more easily. If you ever wish to revert to the default skin, then just select the Default option.

The 10 Best FREE Vital Skins

Even though Vital is a relative newcomer to the virtual synth scene, there are already a bunch of great skins to choose from, and this number is only going to increase as time goes on. I've spent a good few days exploring what's out there and narrowed down the list to what I think are the 10 best skins available.

So here we go take on the very best FREE Vital skins:

Serum Skin by Astrotype

Serum Skin by Astrotype

As the name suggests, Serum Skin by Astrotype alters the appearance of Vital to look like Serum 2.0. It's a fantastic looking skin that the creator has obviously spent a great deal of time over to get the right style. Good job!

Ableton Dark Skin by Echo Sound Works

Ableton Dark Skin by Echo Sound Works

This smart looking Ableton Dark Skin by Echo Sound Works is inspired by Ableton Live 10's dark mode and their Wavetable synth. It's a really professional looking skin, with every single control customised to fit the theme.

Note that to download this skin you'll have to provide a valid email address.

PhasePlant by Mesamask

PhasePlant Vital Skin by Mesamask

Yes, you've guessed it! The PhasePlant skin by Mesamask is a tribute the synth of the same name. If you're a fan of PhasePlant by Kilohearts then you'll love the faithfully recreated UI style.

Even if you've never heard of PhasePlant before I still think you'll love this awesome skin, thanks to the sheer attention to detail that has gone in to making it.

Cyan Grey by Mioseg

Cyan Grey Vital skin by Mioseg

Minimalist in design, the Cyan Grey skin by Mioseg just oozes sophistication. The UI is understated, with just the right amount of subtle colouring to draw your eyes to the all-important controls and visualisations. It's not flashy, just classy.

Diabolic Skin by Mesamask

Diabolic Vital skin by Mesamask

Wow! Diabolic by Mesamask is quite clearly the Devil's favourite Vital skin. It's just filthy looking. Although this skin is probably a bit too much for some people, full marks to this community creator for crafting something straight from the bowels of hell.

Machina Skin by Black Lotus Audio

Machina Vital skin by Black Lotus Audio

Machina is a crisp, refreshing Vital skin brought to you by Black Lotus Audio. It's a great looking skin that works well, featuring bright colours that really pop.

Note that to download this skin you'll have to go through the website shop, which means providing a valid email address.

Orange by Outer Lives

Orange Vital skin by Outer Lives

Orange is a nice clean looking skin created by Redditor Outer Lives. It's inspired by the classic Serum anthracite skins and is also available to download in Cyan.

Blinding Light Vital skin by QB!K

If you're big into pink then the Blinding Light skin by QB!K may be for you. Maybe slightly too garish for some, however you can't say that the styling isn't bold!

Requires a valid email address to download.

Promethium by CherryLeafRoad

Promethium Vital skin by CherryLeafRoad

Promethium by CherryLeafRoad is a Vital skin based upon another classic Serum skin Promethium. It's a decent effort in my opinion and is well worth a download.

DX7 by Woody

DX7 Vital skin by Woody

Last but not least, if you like your classic synths, then check out the DX7 themed skin by Woody. If you like it then show him some love on the forum.

How to Create Custom Vital Skins

Downloading and using skins designed by others can be a fun way to experiment with changing the look and feel of Vital's UI. However, if you really want to personalise Vital, then making your own custom skin can be really rewarding.

To open the skin designer in Vital, hold down the Alt key (or the Option key on a Mac), click the "burger" icon in the top right, and then select the Open Skin Designer option.

Vital synth skin designer

When you first open the skin designer, the sheer amount of customisation options you are presented with can seem quite overwhelming. But don't panic!

The great thing about the skin editor in Vital is that you don't need to start from scratch each time when creating your own skin. Instead, simply download a community skin as a starting point, and then play about with different options until you get the hang of what they do.

It will take you some time to learn, but if you put in the commitment then the payoff is complete control over what your Vital UI looks like.

Once you've created your perfect skin, make sure you save it with a cool sounding name and then upload to the Vital forum or Reddit community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vital Free?

Vital is available to buy in several tiers including a monthly subscription. The basic version however is free of charge and comes complete with 75 presets and 25 wavetables. Although the higher tiers give you more goodies such as additional wavetables and presets, the vast majority of the synth's functionality can be accessed with just the free version.

Is Vital Any Good?

Vital has received really positive reviews from users. It has a fantastic UI with stunning GPU optimised visualisations that allow you to really see how you are shaping and modulating the sound. Aside from looking great, the included feature set is also really impressive. For example, you can create your own wavetables from scratch or even turn your own samples into wavetables using the synth's pitch-splice or vocoder wavetable converter.

Is Vital or Serum Better?

While both Vital and Serum are both wavetable synths, they are not identical in terms of their sound design workflow, features, or limitations. Both synths have their pros and cons. Although Vital is cheaper, Serum has been around a number of years so there are many more presets and tutorials to be found online. The bottom line is that both synths sound absolutely fantastic and are both solid choices.

Do Serum Wavetables Work in Vital?

Serum wavetables can easily be imported into Vital. To do this, firstly locate your wavetable folder in Serum by choosing Show Serum Presets Folder from the Serum Menu dropdown, and then navigating down to the Tables folder.

Then in Vital open the wavetable browser and select add folder. Navigate to your Serum wavetable folder and select it. You can now import your Serum wavetables into Vital.

Final Thoughts

I hope you've found this post useful. If you've made a great skin that you'd like to share, then leave a comment below and I'll add it to the article.

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Have a great day.


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