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FREE Diva presets for Techno and Melodic House

U-He Diva Synth VST plugin

If you’re looking for the ultimate list of free U-he Diva presets then look no further!

Diva is one of the most popular analogue synths on the market. Mix and match elements from classic analogue synths to create your own unique sound. It’s incredibly versatile, sounds fantastic, and comes loaded with many advanced features.

Once you’ve exhausted the presets that come bundled with the synth, you’re sure to be hungry for more sounds, right? Well, we’ve got you covered. I’ve scoured the internet to compile a list of the best free Diva presets. No money required, no obligation to join a mailing list, simply great sounding presets for absolutely zero cost.


Free demo presets from sound designer Matt Bowdler (The Unfinished):

Diva Saur

50 patches. Bass, pads, and synths for a wide range of genres.

UPDATE 21/06/21: It looks like the links to the majority of The Unfinished demo packs below have now been removed from their website, which is a real shame. At the time of writing Genotype and Cassini are still available here from the u-he patch-bay.

Skylines Volume 1 Demo \ Skylines Volume 2 Demo

30 demo presets inspired by classic synth film scores from the likes of M83 and Daft Punk.

Phenom Demo

30 Diva presets full of “warmth, intimacy and 1980s nostalgia”.

Cassini Demo

15 Diva presets with “richness, weight, lustre and grit”.

Genotype Demo

“A broken, analogue world of dusty circuits, wandering tuning and distorted noise”.

Praxis Demo

15 Diva presets. “Dark and drifty, grimy and gorgeous, creepy and cool”.

The Unfinished – Ex Machina Demo

15 Diva presets originally designed to use in the Need for Speed soundtrack.


Free demo presets from Zensound:

(For each pack, scroll to the bottom of the page to download the free demo)

Aeterna Pack Demo

11 Diva presets of “tense, dystopian, heroic and dynamic sounds”.

Umbra Pack Demo

12 “carefully designed dark films core electronica” Diva presets.

Elios Pack Demo

10 “dark, warm, and cinematic” Diva presets.

Diva Dreamwaves Demo

10 “emotive, hearth touching and pleasant” Diva patches.

Aethra Pack Demo

11 “dystopian, gritty, low-fi and nice” Diva patches.


Other free presets:

Luftrum’s DIY Preset Kit

64 do-it-yourself Diva presets.

Sound 7 – Free Synthwave Presets

A collection of 4 free Synthwave Diva presets from Sound 7 – Synth, Pad, Bass, and FX.

Dustons Signature Collection Presets

A pack of 10 demo patches for the Diva Signature Collection. Click the ‘Demo Pack’ link.

Newloops Diva Expansion 2 Demo

A pack of 7 demo patches from the Diva Expansion 2 pack. Click the ‘Try Free Demo’ link at the bottom of the page.

Joseph Hollo Divine Demo

A pack of 12 demo patches from the Divine pack by Joseph Hollo.

SamBySound Devachan Mini

A pack of 10 demo presets from the Devachan pack by Samuel Bereczky (SamBySound).

Darren Burgos Stranger Things Theme

A pack of 6 presets and tutorial on how to recreate the theme from Stranger Things.

Sami Younes Space Opera for Diva Demo

A pack of 15 presets from Sami Younes. Click on the ‘try before you buy’ link to download.

Zabong’s Free Diva Soundset One

A generous pack of 43 Diva presets from Zabong.

Zabong’s Diva Set Two

Another helping of 40 Diva presets from Zabong.

Rezo Soundset Demo

11 demo patches showcasing the commercial soundset Rezo. Click on the ‘demo presets’ link to download.

Jim Alfredson Pulse Soundset demo

11 demo patches from the Pulse soundset from Jim Alfredson.

Bronto Scorpio Audio Future Retro Soundbank demo

10 demo presets from the Future Retro Soundbank from Bronto Scorpio.

Aiyn Zahev Diva Transitions Volume 3 demo

7 demo presets from Diva Transitions Volume 3 by Aiyn Zahev. Click on the ‘free presets’ link to download.



I hope you found this Ultimate List of Free Diva Presets useful. If I’ve missed out any then please let me know in the comments below.

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Have a great day and Happy Producing!


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