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FREE Overdrive Effect Over Diver od82o

FREE Overdrive Effect VST plugin Over Diver od82o

Over Diver od82o is a completely free overdrive stomp emulation by developer NSP.

Similar in looks and sound to the legendary Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, the attractive UI sports the same classic three-knob layout (drive, tone and level), making it really easy to dial in a range of overdrive settings, from a light crunchy warm tone, through to a more gritty distortion effect.

The backside controls consist of a gain control along with four switches: oversampling rate, mode (punchy/classic), stereo processing, and an ASYM clipping mode (which alters the waveform clipping to effect the tone).

I tested the effect through my trusty JD Fender Tele and was immediately impressed with the results (even though my guitar playing sucks!). I also experimented using it lightly on synth tracks to make them stand out more in the mix and can definitely see me using this in future as an alternative to something like Camel Crusher.

Considering its completely free to download, it's a nice effect to have in your music production arsenal, especially if you're on a tight budget.


− 64-bit internal processing

− 16X/8X/no oversampling

− symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping

− classic/punchy mode

− input level adjustment

− mono/stereo processing

− 64/32-bit versions

Over Diver od82o is available to download for both for Windows 32 and 64 bit systems from the NSP website

Here's a video of the effect in action:


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