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Spitfire Audio samples iconic Beatles piano in new instrument

Spitfire Audio Mrs Mills Piano

This week, renown virtual instrument and sample library creator Spitfire Audio announced a new instrument that samples the Abbey Road Studios piano famously used on Beatle's hits Penny Lane and With A Little Help From my Friends.

Mrs Mills Piano, which forms part of their Originals series samples the 1905 Steinway Vertegrand played at Abbey Road in the very same studio where The Beatle's recorded most of their music in the 1960's. Spitfire Audio describe it as being "Full of character and nostalgic charm, with a bright, metallic tone".

The NKS compatible instrument has been endorsed by none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself. He said in a statement: “Really exciting for me to hear Spitfire’s sampling of what we used to call Mrs Mills piano from Abbey Road. It’s great to have it on my computer".

Mrs Mills Piano is available now for only £/$/€29


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