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The Ultimate List of FREE Arturia Pigments Presets

Looking for the ultimate list of free Arturia Pigments presets? Then you're in the right place!

Arturia Pigments 3 is a unique and inspiring synth VST which has allowed sound designers to create an incredible array of patches. It already comes bundled with a large number of great sounding presets, however more is always better...right?

I've searched the internet far and wide to bring you the very best free Pigments presets available in 2022. I've personally tested all these preset banks to ensure that everything listed in this article is worth your time.

Let's get into this...

Best Free Arturia Pigments Presets at a glance:

The Ultimate List of FREE Arturia Pigments Presets

Note that although all the Pigments preset banks listed in this article are completely free, some require some form of social currency to activate the download such as providing an email address or liking and following a social media channel. It's unfortunate, but hey, that's the way the internet works nowadays.

50 Free Pigments Presets from Samplicity

First up is a generous helping of 50 amazing presets from Samplicity custom crafted for your Pop, Lofi, and R&B style productions. Note that a valid email address is required to download.

Impressions Arturia Preset Bank from itsGratuiTous

Next is a pack of 27 great awesome presets from itsGratuiTous that will work for many different genres of electronic music. Presets include bass, lead, pads, guitar, and synth sounds. Note that a valid email address is required to activate the download.

Free Arturia Pigments 3 Presets from MRP Sound Designs

This pack contains 16 mellow presets from MRP Sound Designs that include 808s, keys, lead, pads, and synth sounds. You also get a small pack of samples thrown in for good measure. It's a direct download from Mega so no email address required.

Next Level Hot Taster Pack from SparkPackers

This taster from the Next Level Hot preset pack by MRP SparkPackers features 15 EDM style presets, 29 custom-made wavetables, and 2 samples (attack noise). A valid email address is required to download.

Crazy Harmonic Preset Bank from Belibat

The Crazy Harmonic Preset Bank from Belibat contains a wide variety of patches, including impact sounds and FX, abrasive pads and basses, and evolving mallets and bells. To get the presets, simply set the album price to zero on the Bandcamp link below and start downloading.

32 Free Pigments Ambient Patches by Alba Ecstasy

This taster pack contains a generous 32 Pigments presets to use in your ambient tracks. To download, simply click on the link below and scroll down until you see the "32 Free Ambient Patches" download link. It's a direct download so no email address required.

Pigments 3 Freebie from Venus Theory

No YouTube preview for this pack containing 15 presets for pigments but trust me when I say it's worth your time. You can find the download link halfway down the page under "synth presets". No social currency required which is refreshing.

Pigments presets from

If you haven't already checked out this preset sharing community then you really should. You'll need to sign up to access the presets, but it's definitely worth it as there are some absolute gems available to download for free.

The Synth Vault from Tom Wolfe

The Synth Vault from Tom Wolfe is another great resource for synth presets. You'll need to sign up with a valid email address to get access to the vault, but once in you'll find a selection of quality presets for a number of different synths including Arturia Pigments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Arturia Pigments Presets?

To import Arturia Pigments presets, select the "burger" icon located at the top left of the VST, and select the Import option. Then navigate to where your preset bank is located and select it for import. The presets will now be available in the plugin's preset browser.

Where are Arturia Pigments Presets Stored?

Arturia Pigments presets are stored in the following locations for Mac and Windows PCs:

Mac: /Library/Arturia/Presets/Pigments

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\Pigments (ensure you have enabled hidden folders)

Is Pigments part of the Arturia V Collection?

Arturia Pigments is a standalone synth and is not part of the V-Collection. It is however incredibly versatile, so you can use it to recreate the sounds of those classic vintage synths in addition to a whole lot more.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article useful.

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