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Best FREE Serum Skins in 2022: The Ultimate List!

Whenever I was browsing the web looking for free serum skins, I was frustrated by the fact that most Serum skin lists are either out-of-date or just not very well researched. So that's why I created this give people a comprehensive list of the best free Serum skins available.

So, if you're looking for the Ultimate List of Free Serum Skins, then read on...

The Best FREE Serum Skins at a glance:

Trying out a new skin is a great way to breathe new life into your synth VST and give everything a fresh new look. A few years ago, Xfer Records added the ability to create and use custom Serum skins, opening up a whole new world of UI customisation.

Ever since then, many producers and designers have been busy developing all sorts of amazing looking custom Serum skins, with some great options available for free. However, with so much choice around, how do you tell what is worth a download?

Well, this is where this article comes in. I've searched the internet to bring you the very best Serum skins available to download for free. Note that all the skins listed here have been downloaded and personally tested to ensure that they are worth your time.

Also, make sure to check out the end of the article where I'll also show you how to create your very own custom skins for Serum.

How to Install Serum Skins

It's simple to install and change Serum skins. Here's how:

  1. Open Serum, and from the drop-down menu select "Show Serum Presets Folder".

  2. Open the "Skins" folder.

  3. Copy your downloaded skin to the "Skins" folder.

  4. Open the drop-down menu again and select "Rescan Folders on Disk".

  5. Now click on the Serum icon in the top length, select "Skin" and choose your new skin.

  6. Enjoy!

The Best FREE Serum Skins

Note that even though all the Serum skins in this list are completely free to download, some may require some form of "social currency" such as providing an email address or social media follow or share. Where this is the case, I have mentioned it in the description.

So, let's go are the best Serum skins available for free:

Sketch by Thenatan

Sketch Serum skin by Thenatan

Sketch by Thenatan is a quirky looking skin with a beautiful hand-drawn styling, complete with a filter section that resembles a post-it note! The creator has obviously spent a great deal of time over this skin, and the results are great. A valid email address is required to download.

Antidote by Qoiet

Antidote Serum skin by Qoiet

Antidote by Qoiet is a cool looking white and blue electric skin. This dark, glitchy style looks perfect for creating sick Dubstep bass growls! An Instagram share is requested but not required in order to activate the download.

Virtual Riot Serum Skin

Virtual Riot Serum skin

Virtual Riot has made his very own Serum skin and it rocks, with supercool red and cyan highlights. No social shares required, it's simply a straightforward download which is refreshing.

Ableton Serum Skin by Nasko

Ableton Serum Skin by Nasko

The Ableton Serum skin by Nasko is one of my favourites in this list. I just love the minimalist dark design and striking orange highlights. A link to your Facebook account is required to download.

Xfer Serum Master Edition by Andrew Caminiti

Xfer Serum Master Edition skin by Andrew Caminiti

The Xfer Serum Master Edition by Andrew Caminiti is another skin with plenty of colour. The blue control knobs contrast well with dark background and neon yellow modulation and wavetable sections. A valid email address is required to download.

Serum Colorful Xr by killa icy

Serum Colorful Xr skin by killa icy

If you're big into pink, then you'll love the Serum Colorful Xr skin. Full of pink, purple and red hues, this striking skin is part of a series of free "Colorful X' series by killa icy. No annoying social shares or signups required.

Dirty Teal Serum GUI by Echo Sound Works

Dirty Teal Serum GUI by Echo Sound Works

The Dirty Teal Serum GUI by Echo Sound Works is a new take on Serum's aesthetic with crisp looking white, yellow, and teal highlights. A valid email address is needed to download.

Rick and Morty Serum Skin by Wolf.wav

Rick and Morty Serum Skin by Wolf.wav

Need a Rick and Morty themed Serum skin? If so, then check out this skin by Wolf. It's a direct download so no email or social share required.

Pierce Serum Skin by Justin Fowler

This blood red Serum skin by Justin Fowler should really get your creative juices flowing. This creative skin is one of my personal favourites. A link to your Facebook account is needed to activate the download.

Anime Serum Skins by Roody Call

Anime Serum Skins

This last entry in the list is a cracker, as it features not one but five anime serum skins by Roody Call, including Dragon Ball Super, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Pikachu, Darling in the Franxx & Luffy from One Piece. Check out the video below for a preview of all the skins.

How to Create Custom Serum Skins

Using skins designed by others can be a fun way to experiment with changing the look and feel of Serum. However, if you really want to personalise Serum, then creating your own custom skin can be really rewarding.

In order to start creating you own customised Serum skin, you should first duplicate the folder containing the default skin, and then proceed to edit the individual files.

The best way to do this is with a graphical editor such as Photoshop. Be warned that it's quite a lengthy process if you want to make the look and feel consistent across of the elements of Serum, but it really is as easy as it sounds.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article and found something to inspire you. If you know of a great Serum skin that I've missed, then leave a comment below and I'll take a look.

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Have a great day.


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