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The Ultimate List of Vital Synth Tutorials

Whether you're a sound design beginner looking to learn synthesis in Vital, or just after a quick guide on how to make some awesome bass or lead sounds, then this article will show you the vital wavetable synth tutorial that's right for you.

The Ultimate List of Vital Synth Tutorials at a glance:

I've watched many hours of YouTube Vital tutorials to select the very best resources for you to start making the most out of this incredible synth VST.

Let's take a look then, at the Ultimate List of Vital Synth Tutorials...

Vital Synth Tutorials

Free Vital Synth - Full Tutorial

If you're new to Vital, then this is the tutorial for you. In this video In The Mix does a great job of walking you through the basic controls, whilst introducing simple sound design concepts in a clear and easy to follow manner.

Although aimed at sound design beginners, the video also touches on some of the more advanced features of Vital so there should be something here for everyone. The tutorial also has clearly labelled chapters which allows you skip to the content you're after quickly and easily.

Wavetable Editing in Vital

For the slightly more advanced sound designer, this in-depth tutorial by Marula Music focuses on some great tips and tricks for editing and creating wavetables in Vital.

It's a long watch at nearly 30 minutes, but stick with it, as the video really demonstrates the crazy sounds this incredible synth can generate.

How to Use Text to Wavetable in Vital

One of the outstanding features of Vital is its amazing Text to Wavetable feature. In this short tutorial, VitalExp gives an overview of how to use this, together with suggesting some effect processing to make your results sound even better.

Creating Wavetables in Vital Using Hardware Synths

In this Vital synth tutorial, Venus Theory explains in depth how to create custom wavetables using hardware synths and import them into Vital. It's a super helpful and informative video that will allow you to hugely expand your palette of sounds.

How to Make a Realistic Flute

This is quite simply one of the best videos on sound design I have ever seen, and showcases exactly what the Vital wavetable synth is capable of in the right hands. By first analysing the sonic characters of a flute sample, Jazen Sounds takes you step-by-step through the creation of a spookily accurate patch.

Even if you don't think you'll need this type of sound in your productions, this tutorial is still well worth a watch if you're after some pro level tips on constructing your own Vital patches.

How to Make a Future Riddim Bass in Vital

This Vital tutorial features YouTuber Soundkiller in partnership with Black Lotus Audio. In the video he shows you how to make a great sounding future riddim bass from scratch in Vital.

The patch is taken from their premium future riddim preset pack "Machina". If you're interested in purchasing the full pack then the link is in the video description.

Vital Supersaw Tutorial

Want to know how to create a classic super saw in Vital? In this tutorial producer Matias teaches you how to create epic sounding saw stacks that will take your next Trance, Dubstep or EDM style track to the next level.

The great sounding preset is also available to download from the link in the description, along with a discount code for the full Vital preset pack.

Vital Trance Pluck Tutorial

In this tutorial YouTuber Demis Hellen walks you through his workflow in creating a fantastic sounding trance pluck. The tutorial is easy to follow and full of great Vital sound design tips. The preset is also available for free to download by following the link in the video description. Make sure to check out his channel for more great sound design videos.

Vital Pad Sound Tutorial

In this tutorial Mark Maxwell shows you how to create a silky sweet pad sound in Vital. Mark covers all the pad-making essentials such as envelopes and filter modulation, as well as how to enhance the sound with some great sounding FX.

Martin Garrix Progressive House Lead Tutorial

This short tutorial by Savage Sounds walks you through the process of creating a progressive house lead sound in the style of Martin Garrix. The sound design is pretty straightforward, but the results are impressive.

How to Make Deep Tech Stabs in Vital

YouTuber and Producer Sceptre shows you how to produce great sounding tech house stabs in Vital. He also explains how to automate the synth within Ableton to create some nice variation in the sound throughout his example track.

Percussion Synthesis in Vital

This incredibly useful tutorial from the Homegrown Audio Channel walks you through creating all sorts of percussive sounds in Vital. You'll learn about using noise as a percussive sound source, how to synthesise a snare from scratch, as well as tips and tricks on creating Hi-Hats.

Final Thoughts

I hope you've found some great resources here to take your Vital sound design to the next level. If you're a YouTuber and have a Vital tutorial that you think people should know about, then hit me up and I'll check it out.

Vital really is an incredibly versatile synth, but is it the best free synth VST available? - check out my thoughts in this comprehensive Vital Synth Review.

If you're looking for some cool free skins for Vital, then you'll find the very best listed here:

If you need some free Vital presets then you'll want to read this:

Have a great day, and Happy Producing!


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