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Minima is a great new FREE Kontakt instrument

Minima Free Kontakt Instrument

Following on from this article where I listed the top 10 best free Kontakt libraries in 2022, I've since come across another absolute cracker of a free library that was released in the last few days.

Minima from Xperimenta is actually not just one instrument, but a collection of fourteen! It includes over 686Mb of samples, including smooth pads, acoustic and electric guitars, a piano and several types of percussion. As the name might suggest, the user interface is incredibly minimalistic, with a single control knob for effects, tuning and panning controls.

Here is the full list of included instruments:

  • C3 Rehearsal Piano;

  • 5 Pads made from hardware synthesizers and organic samples;

  • Carillon;

  • Glass Hit;

  • Glockenspiel;

  • Electric Guitar;

  • Acoustic Guitar;

  • Harmonics.

I've had a play around with all of the included instruments and can confirm that's it's well worth the download. Check out the video below for an overview of what you're getting. Note that the full version of Kontakt is required, and you will have to give an email address to download.

If you're after some other great FREE resources, then take a look at these articles:

Have a great day, and Happy Producing !

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