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The Ultimate List of FREE Massive X Presets

Massive X

If you're looking for the Ultimate List of FREE Massive X Presets then this article is for you!

Free Massive X Presets at a glance:

Native Instruments Massive X is quite simply one of the best synth VSTs available. It's an incredibly visual synth with a huge amount of depth, and it just sounds fantastic.

Massive X does ship with a number of great presets and there are more premium presets available from the company's store and elsewhere. But before you spend your hard-earned cash you really should check out some of the free options available.

To help you out, I've scoured the internet to find the very best free Massive X patches. All the presets in this article have been downloaded and personally tested to ensure that they really are worth your time.

How Do I Install Massive X Presets?

  1. Open Massive X.

  2. Click the down arrow to the right of the Massive X logo.

  3. Select "Show User Content Folder".

  4. Drag and drop your downloaded presets into that folder.

  5. Select "Rescan Content" from the same menu.

  6. Now when selecting a preset to use within Massive X, your new presets will appear in the User folder.

Free Massive X Presets

Note that although all the NI Massive X presets in this list are free, most do require some form of "social currency" to download, such as submitting an email address, joining a community, or a social media share. Where this is the case, I've made this clear in the description.

Here we go then...the ultimate list of FREE Massive X presets:

Presets for Massive X by Expressive-e

French developer Expressive-e offer a free pack of 20 original presets for Massive X. The presets contain pad, leads, and experimental soundscapes. Note that you will have to provide a valid email address to download the pack.

Trap and Hip Hop presets by AngelicVibes

AngelicVibes have created a smooth sounding preset pack for Trap and Hip-Hop producers. It contains over 40 presets including bells, synths, pads, and much more. A valid email address is required to download.

Essential Massive X by Sonorous is a small but decent sounding collection of 10 presets containing plucks, lead, and bass sounds. Helpfully the pack also contains the example MIDI patterns and drum samples. A valid email address is required to download.

Soul Survivor by Loop Legendz

Soul Survivor by Loop Legendz is a collection of 20 ambient trap presets including pads, leads, plucks, and bass sounds. It also contains a bonus drum kit containing 75 custom drum samples. A valid email address is required to download.

This free pack is a collection of 22 presets including pads, leads, plucks, keys, and bass sounds, for use in all music genres. His website has some other cool free stuff to download, so is worth checking out. A valid email address is required to download.

True Trance Sounds Volume 12 (Demo) for Massive X by NatLife Sounds

This free demo pack contains 10 awesome presets taken from the True Trance Sounds Volume 12 pack. A valid email address is required to download. Note that the video below is for the full pack, not the free demo version, but should give you an idea of what you're getting.

Vulcan (Demo) by Spektralisk

Vulcan is a collection of experimental sounds for NI Massive X. The demo version consists of 20 presets taken from the full pack. A valid email address is required to download. Check out the video below for a taste of the full pack.

Mars20X8 by SupremeJa

This free Massive X pack consists of 25 great atmosphere and effect presets, that really showcase what Massive X is capable of. To download you need to sign up to the AudioBombs community.

Organic for Massive X by Genera Studios

No video preview for this one but still worth a download. Organic for Massive X is a FREE collection of 12 Chillwave / Future Bass Massive X presets. The pack is inspired by artists such as Odesza, Flume, and San Holo. A valid email address is required to get the download link.

Presetpatch is a free synth patch sharing community which has patches for many different synths including Massive X. Although it's completely free to download patches or share your own creations, you will have to give a valid email address to join.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found something you liked in this list of free NI Massive X presets. If you've come across a pack that you think should be included, then let me know in the comments below and I'll add it to the article.

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Have a great day, and Happy Producing!


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