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Top 10 Music Producer YouTube Channels in 2021

YouTube is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn how to produce electronic music. There are literally hundreds of channels devoted to the topic, with many thousands of videos available for you to view. The catch? – Well, the quality of these videos can vary immensely. If you’re not careful you can waste a lot of time searching for good content, and even risk picking up bad advice which could set you back on your music production journey.

The good news is that I’m here to help! Below, I’ve hand-picked my personal top 10 of the best Music Production YouTube channels in 2021.

1) EDM Tips

EDM Tips was one of my favourite channels when I first started out in Music Production, as the style is very beginner friendly. Using Ableton Live, Producer Will Darling creates tracks from scratch in a number of different genres using mainly stock plugins. Content is posted regularly, is easy to follow, and fun to watch. A great channel if you’re just starting out.

2) Bound to Divide

Bound to Divide should be your number one go-to channel if you are at all interested in producing Melodic House. The channel is a fantastic resource, with a huge back catalogue of videos containing tracks from scratch, track breakdowns, tips and techniques, and live feedback on tracks submitted via Discord. The best thing about the channel is the lack of filler or gimmicks. No annoying intro screen, no appeals to like and subscribe – just great content.

3) Production Music Live

PML is an impressive channel offering Ableton Live tutorials, production and sound design sessions, and really useful track breakdowns. Concentrating mainly (but not exclusively) on melodic house and techno, the content is very high quality, and well worth your time.

4) Janus Rasmussen

Although a relative newcomer to YouTube, Janus’s experimental style of melodic electronic music together with his relaxed delivery makes his channel a joy to watch. Content is not posted as regularly as other channels, but when he does post it is generally of a very high quality.

5) Christian Henson Music

The extremely talented Christian Henson is one of the co-founders of Spitfire Audio. On his channels he shares a range of content including explorations into composition techniques and sampling, gear reviews, and music production in general. If you want a change from your usual content, and wish to learn from the very best, then this is the channel for you.

6) SadowickProduction

Sadowick’s YouTube channel has been going for years and years. The amount of content is now absolutely staggering, and well worth dipping into. He covers all sorts of production topics from essential tips on sound design, track creation, and pretty much anything else you can think of. His U-He DIVA tutorial series alone I’ve found absolutely invaluable. Please don’t forget to support his channel if you find his content useful.

7) Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School are one of the oldest and better-known electronic music schools. Their videos cover an extensive range of useful content such as track deconstructions, tutorials, and gear and plugin reviews. They also regularly invite guest artists onto the channel to give Masterclass sessions. Well worth a visit.

8) Ryan Devenney Music Production Tutorials

Ryan’s channel was one of the first I discovered when just starting out in music production. I loved his relaxed style, and the way he combined live instruments with in-the-box sounds to create some really great tracks. His rate of posting content seems to have slowed somewhat recently which is a real shame, as I found his content really inspiring when just starting out.

9) You Suck At Producing

If you’re after a channel with some great content, whilst also being very entertaining, then this is the channel for you. Underbelly’s dead-pan humour may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t be put off, as the content on his channel is fantastic, and actually really informative.

10) Thiago Samadhi

Another relative newbie to YouTube, Thiago writes and performs melodic techno style tracks in Ableton, using only stock plugins. His videos are usually quite short (around 20-30 minutes) and are composed in session view. This works well though, as it’s a very efficient way of showing how the genesis of a track can be created, and inspiring ideas in others.


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