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Tinlicker Robert Miles "Children" Ableton Project File

Check out how I made this remake of Children by Tinlicker | Robert Miles, and download the Ableton Project File for FREE!

I've used Ableton Live 11 and the following 3rd Party Plugins, however I've frozen the tracks so if you don't have a particular synth or effect VST you can easily swap it out for another of your choice:


  • Native Instruments - The Giant;

  • Xfer Records - Serum.


  • Slate Digital - Virtual Mix Rack;

  • Slate Digital - Fresh Air;

  • Slate Digital - Virtual Tape Machines;

  • Kilohearts - kHs Haas;

  • Soundtoys - Echoboy Jnr;

  • Valhalla - Shimmer;

  • Valhalla - Vintage Verb;

  • Xfer Records - OTT;

  • Isotope - Ozone 8 Elements.

See below for the link to download the project file from MediaFire (no sign-up required).

I hope you find this Ableton project file useful.

I would be really grateful if you would take the time to support the hosting of further free project files by making a small $2 donation via the link below - many thanks!

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